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Naturextralab is an innovative start-up, established and registered in the Special Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza (IT) in October 2019.
. It was born from the collaboration in applied research of two complementary scientific disciplines: phytochemistry and geomatic with a focus on the study of plant resources. The objective is to patent innovative formulations with greater effectiveness than those already on the market, for the following sectors: pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and veterinary.

The research activity is supported by the development of a database that collects all the most useful information related to the world of medicinal plants.

The Team

The scientific collaborations

Since October 30, 2020 an agreement of scientific collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Nutrition of the University of Calabria is in place, with the aim of mutual exchange of experiences in the Nutraceutical/Food/Pharmaceutical field (Convention prot. ARC_ 1604047405281).


The Business Lines


Naturextralab develops new formulations characterized by an enhanced action, thanks to the complementary functionality of the extracts used. The patented formulations are scientifically validated through the use of extracts standardized in active ingredients that guarantee a certified effectiveness. The research privileges spontaneous plants of the Calabrian flora, at low cost and with important beneficial effects.

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Thanks to its laboratory and the equipment covered by the convention with the University of Calabria, Naturextralab is able to perform chemical and biological researches on its own and on behalf of third parties.

Naturextralab has started the procedure for the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories in relation to the requirements of the standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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It's a Web platform dedicated to the census, the query and the management of information related to the world of botany and, in particular, of medicinal plants.

Users, in a simple and intuitive way, can access through a single entry-point to information on the specific properties of plants, places of distribution, active ingredients, beneficial effects, possible techniques and processing methods.

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