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Flora mediterranea al servizio della salute

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Naturextralab's patents use mixtures of plant extracts approved by the Ministry of Health for use in food supplements (Annex 1 to DM 10 August 2018). - Formulation based on plant extracts to limit pancreatic lipase - Grant No. 102020000008797 - Formulation based on plant extracts to limit serum cholesterol levels and their statin-like activity - Grant No. 102021000007721 - Formulation based on a mix of apple fruit juices with antioxidant activity - Application No. 102022000008129 (under review).



Chemical analysis equipment: - Extractors: macerators, percolators, infusors, decoction apparatus, steam flow, soxlhet, shuttle - High vacuum rotary evaporator - Chemical hood - Chromatography equipment: HPLC, chromatography columns, TLC, GC, GC/MS, HPTLC, spectrophotometer. Biological analysis equipment: laminar flow hood, microplate reader, spectrofluorometer, cell incubator, cold room (-80°C), spray dryer.


It contains information on the specific properties of plants, where they can be found, active ingredients, beneficial effects, possible techniques and processing methods, which users can consult in a simple and intuitive way. All the information is scientifically validated and a link to the relevant publication is provided for each item.

To find out the conditions of use and to take a test, send an e-mail at naturesearch[at]

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