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Business services

Naturextralab offers its expertise and equipment to companies that don't have an internal R&D laboratory to help improve existing products/processes. Thanks to its research in the agri-food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary sectors, the start-up is able to propose innovative solutions to introduce or adapt many production processes, also with a view to technological and digital change 4.0. For companies operating in the agri-food sector, the focus is on the recovery of primary production waste, with the dual aim of increasing company income and promoting virtuous cycles. To this end, Naturextralab has already developed secondary processing protocols that allow farms to recycle production waste by extracting phytocomplexes with greater and more specific biological activity, which can be used in the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical sector. Consequently, Naturextralab also proposes itself as a partner for nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary companies to co-develop innovative products characterised by high efficacy and sustainability from an economic and environmental point of view. Finally, Naturextralab provides scientific and technical support to companies that decide to set up officinal cultivation and/or processing activities.