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The patents realized by Naturextralab are the product of a "co-creation" approach. In fact, the activity of the start-up company responds to the demand for innovation of the companies present on the nutraceutical market which need to develop new formulations, but don't have an in-house R&D laboratory. Thanks to a one to one relationship with the customer, the research of Naturextralab is oriented by the needs of the nutraceutical companies interested in acquiring or commercially exploiting new patented formulations for their lines of business.
The patents of Naturextralab use mixes of plant extracts whose use in food supplements is allowed by the Ministry of Health (Annex 1 to MD August 10, 2018).
Naturextralab has two patents pending: one on the use of plant extracts to limit pancreatic lipase and thus counteract obesity, and one on the use of plant extracts to control cholesterol levels.