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Thanks to the platform developed by Naturextralab, for the first time, information about the specific properties of plants, their places of diffusion, active principles, beneficial effects, possible techniques and processing methods are gathered in a single database that can be queried by users in a simple and intuitive way.
The user has the possibility to carry out free or guided searches using a bar that provides interactive suggestions, with the possibility to cross different information among them. The information is all validated by scientific publications in the sector, of which the platform reports the bibliographic references and the link to redirect the user to the complete article.
The platform is aimed at the nutraceutical sector and is designed to also include information related to supplements and patents for mixes of extracts. It is also planned to include information of other sectors that use medicinal plants: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, veterinary, food.

To find out the conditions of use and take a test, write to naturesearch[at]

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