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The researches carried out in the laboratory of Naturextralab and in those of the University of Calabria, with which the start-up company has an agreement, not only allow the production of extracts, but also the evaluation of the phytochemical content and the consequent biological activity of the extracts of the drugs used.
These evaluations are particularly important for those marketing companies (especially food companies) that have to include nutritional and non-nutritional values on the label or have to certify the quality of the raw materials used.

Having started the procedure of accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories in relation to the requirements of the standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, Naturextralab proposes to offer a service of certified chemical and biological research.
Naturextralab can use the following equipment for chemical analysis:
- Extractors: macerators, percolators, infusers, decoction apparatus, steam current, soxlhet, naviglio
- High vacuum rotary evaporator
- Chemical hood
- Chromatographic equipment: HPLC, chromatographic columns, TLC, GC, GC/MS, HPTLC, spectrophotometer
Naturextralab s.r.l. can also make use of the following equipment for biological analysis:
laminar flow hood, microplate reader, spectrofluorimeter, cell incubator, cold room (-80 °C), spray dryer.